GO Green in you plumbing business

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Do you know what does the term ‘Go Green” actually mean? Well, many of you have the right idea about it. Alleviating the waste production and being more judicious with the energy that is used. So, now we know what exactly this ‘Go Green’ mean. Now the question that you may ask will be, “How can we go green in our business.” Get along with us and learn some very easy and practicable ways for this and witness a huge change.


I’m sure you have some idea what I’m going to discuss. Most of the materials that is being used in your business is either made up of plastic or metal. These materials are recyclable. Also, while replacing a sewer line replacing a sewer line lot of waste is generated and it is more advantageous to recycle it instead of disposing it and making it a constituent of landfill. Your business includes cutting down of pipes, fitting tubing and many more that result in production of a significant amount of recyclable waste. All you need to do is separate the waste on the basis of their material it’ll make the process of recycling easier. Now-a-days, people are more aware about the Go Green practices so, if your customers will witness this practice of yours, they’ll definitely support you and this will ultimately benefit you and you can make a good number of customers. Ask the people around you to take their cell phones and search sewer and drain companies near me whenever they require any service and show your full potential with sewage inspection. Also have an interest in segregating the recyclable waste during sewage inspection to reduce the amount of waste/sludge.


Don’t you think having hard copies and lot of paper work is not the need of today’s world when we have more better options. Wasting a lot of money per annum on paper and ink isn’t a smart practice. Sewer and drain companies have to spent a lot to generate and preserve hard copies of documents. Switch to digital documentation to save that significant amount of money and invest it in more healthful ways. Preserving digital documents is also much easier than hard copies. Use e-mail or other form of digital documents to hand your customers after your service. But you should also carry a printer in your truck so that, in case any customer asks for a hard copy because of some meaningful reason, you can provide that at that very moment.

LEED & GPD Certification

Possessing these certificates ensures that the sewer and drain companies near me having it focuses on proper recycling of waste, water conservation and other green practices in their business, this will also draw attention of many other customers and they’ll be willing to take your services.

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